Jessica Sewell


Jessica Sewell - Receptionist
Jessica Sewell Receptionist

I joined Border and Eden Vets in May 2022 as a receptionist and in December 2022 I took on the role of head receptionist. Prior to this role, I spent 7 years in large animal fertility work. My love for farming still remains, owning a handful of breeding ewes and a part time milking job keeping me busy outside of work. I have one dog, a GSP called Alda, she loves coming to work with me and greeting clients in exchange for treats and ear scratches. Alda also comes paddle boarding with me and sits proudly on the front of my board. When I was 19, I travelled to New Zealand and worked on 2 farms on the north island, whilst getting my fair share of exploring the country in-between milking cows, calf management and thistle grubbing. I still love travelling the world and try to get away as much as I can, learning new cultures and tasting local food/drink.

When I’m not out and about exploring, you will most often find me behind the counter at both Border and Eden vets, although I also venture onto farms to carry out Mobility scoring. I’m passionate about farming efficiency, and I aim to complete an SQP to help farmers gain a better understanding of parasite control.