During your pet’s surgery, we’ll be on hand to support you and look after your pet every step of the way

Seeing any member of your family go through an operation is distressing and that’s true whether they’re human or animal. We’ll do our best to reduce your concerns by explaining all procedures as clearly and fully as possible, including why they’re needed, what will happen and how we’ll help your pet get back on their feet afterwards.

Many clients want to spend as much time as possible with their pets ahead of an operation so we won’t insist you leave them with us any earlier than you have to. We’ll also call you as soon as the surgery is finished to let you know how it went and, if they’re going to stay with us overnight, you can still come and spend some time with them while they’re recovering.

Everything your pet could need is on-hand before we start any operation, including the most important thing of all – our talented and dedicated staff. Our ultrasound and lab facilities mean they have all the information about your pet’s condition at their fingertips and the presence of an x-ray machine in our operating theatre enables extra checks on the resetting of broken bones without the need to move your pet anywhere.

Our amazing nurses are on-duty all night for any pets we have staying with us. They’ll even have very poorly pets in their room with them so they can respond immediately to the smallest sound. All our inpatients are carefully monitored and we also have a camera which can be used to keep an eye on them without disturbing them. This technology means the vets and other nursing staff can even check-up on patients from home. They’ll be as anxious as you are to see your pet is on the mend.

surgery-page-2After an operation your pet will be looking for some home comforts while they’re recovering and we have everything they could need in our kennels and cattery. It goes without saying they’ll have food and water, and we also go the extra mile to provide bedding that suits their tastes. We know that elderly dogs appreciate a duvet to sleep on because the extra padding relieves the pressure on their joints, and oriental cats often have a preference for pyramid beds where they can tuck themselves away out of site. We’ve got plenty of other options too.

Any particularly vulnerable pets can be cared for in one of our isolation units where they can be kept safe from germs and infections which might threaten their recovery. These units also have more sensitive heating and lighting systems which allow us to adjust them to the needs of each individual patient.

We know cats that aren’t used to dog companions can find their noise upsetting and that’s why we’re pleased to be able to offer a separate indoor cattery for them, rabbits and any other small animal patients we have. We have a range of comfortable cages and we know cats appreciate being able to look out of the window and watch the world go by.

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