Early training can help make your new dog a proper part of the family

Introducing a new puppy to your home is lots of fun but it can be an upheaval for everyone. Our puppy parties, which run once a week for four weeks, are the perfect way to socialise your new puppy, help it learn some basic commands and pick up some great advice and ideas.

Whether you’re used to raising puppies or this is the first time you’ve tried it, our fun and practical sessions will help your puppy settle in and help everyone in the family adjust to their new four-legged friend.

We restrict numbers to a maximum of 8 puppies so there’s plenty of time for one-on-one attention if it’s needed. The classes are held at the practice, so your puppy gets used to visiting us and hopefully feels comfortable about a trip to the vet for the rest of its life.

In the first session we cover the basic commands of “sit” and “lie down” and during the rest of the course go on to cover “roll over” and walking to heel, among other things. We’ll also help you deal with the perennial puppy problems of jumping up and play biting, but there’s plenty of time for fun and games as well. Each week we’ll have some health tips for you on issues such as diet and dental care and your puppy will benefit from being around other people and dogs, learning what behaviour is appropriate.

Of course you’ll be learning too, and we encourage you to bring other members of the family, including children, so they can learn about the puppy and help it behave well. There is a lot of information to absorb each week but don’t worry, we’ve also got handouts for you to take away.

Getting good puppy training early on can set your pet up for the rest of its life. We think it’s too important to leave to chance, which is why our most experienced nurse and animal behaviour expert conducts the sessions. You can benefit from her years of experience and help ensure your puppy grows into a happy and well-behaved dog which will enjoy a great life as a true part of the family.

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