Save money on top quality vet care with our Pet Health Scheme

No-one with a loyal pet wants to deny them the treatment and help that will keep them fit and healthy, but very few pet owners have bottomless pockets. We want to reassure you that being a great pet owner can be done on a budget, and we’re here to help. For a start we’ll give you price information ahead of any treatment we carry out on your pet and we’ll discuss it with you in a consultation room so you can make decisions in private.

It’s important to remember that avoiding the vets can be an expensive mistake. Pets that don’t have regular check-ups can develop diseases that aren’t identified until they’re seriously ill. That can mean the nasty shock of finding out they need medication or surgery and that they may have been suffering for months. If we see them regularly we can watch out for danger signs and you can take advantage of our free advice services so they live in perfect health for as long as possible.

Our Pet Health Scheme allows you to spread the cost of check-ups, vaccinations and flea and worm treatments throughout the year, saving you between 10 and 15 per cent of the up-front cost depending on the package you choose. If you’ve got a rabbit we go even further, offering quarterly dental checks and the best fly-prevention treatment on the market, all included under the scheme.

The scheme also saves you money on the unexpected, with discounts for dental treatment and any tests your pet needs processed through our labs with money off. There are also discounts off items in our pet store and that includes prescription diet foods, offering you some very substantial savings.

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