Help your pet live a healthier life by having them neutered by our skilled staff

Sadly a high-number of unwanted animals need rehoming or are destroyed every year. Unless you are very committed to breeding from your pet for a specific reason, getting your animal neutered is the responsible thing to do. This means having their sexual organs removed so they become infertile. It is in no way cruel to your pet and can actually help protect them from a range of diseases and other conditions as they age.

Male cats and dogs that haven’t been neutered are at greater risk of tumours and cysts in both the testicles and prostate. Male dogs can exhibit hypersexual behaviour such as aggression, mounting people and objects, and urinating in the house to mark their territory. Tom cats that haven’t been neutered are also prone to urine spraying.

For female cats and dogs that haven’t been neutered there are also higher cancer risks in the form of uterine, ovarian and mammary tumours. Cats of both genders are more likely to get into fights if they haven’t been neutered which makes them vulnerable to feline AIDS.

It’s not only cats and dogs that can be neutered. It’s a wise course of action to take for your rabbit, particularly if you have two or more living together. We also neuter rodents such as rats or hamsters which are living in social groups. This isn’t just to prevent breeding but also because unneutered animals of the same gender are inclined to fight and can do each other serious injury.

Neutering does involve your pet having a general anaesthetic but these are very routine operations. We’ll make sure your pet is healthy and well before carrying out the procedure, as we do with any procedure they need. Our experienced staff use the utmost care while carrying out the surgery on site and your pet will be fully recovered within a day or two.

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