We’re here to support you right to the end

We understand that your pet is part of your family. Seeing your companion become very ill and then facing the prospect of losing them is extremely distressing.

The team at Eden Vets will work with you and support you to understand your pet’s health concerns and the options available for you both.   You won’t be alone during your time of distress.

We will gently discuss all appropriate options should your pet be seriously ill. Of course, this may include euthanasia. But be reassured that we will give you all the information and time you want, and support you to make the right decisions for you and your companion. Having your pet euthanised at home may be an option in some circumstances, and we can discuss this with you too.

We work closely with Paws To Rest. Following the loss of a beloved pet, if you would like us to, we can assist you to manage any arrangements you would like to make. This may include bringing your pet back to the practice in advance of arrangements made with Paws to Rest.

If you are feeling the loss of a loved pet, don’t’ hesitate to speak with one of our nurses.   You’ll find a friendly, and compassionate ear. As well as being more than happy to listen, they can also recommend great external support groups and services should you need them.

If your pet passes away and you would prefer to seek support privately, the following organisations have an expertise in animal loss:

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