24 hour care for your pets in the toughest of times

Discovering your pet is dangerously ill or has had a serious accident in the middle of the night is a nightmare for all owners. Eden Vets is here for you.

If you need emergency out-of-hours treatment for your pet, take a moment to call us before you set out – 01228 541999. You may feel frustrated by the delay but it will help us get the right facilities and staff ready for you and will save time overall. One of our nurses will meet you at the door ready to provide life-saving first aid to your pet, the vet will already be en route to the practice and any surgical facilities can be prepared in advance.

No-one wants their pet to need emergency care but if the worst happens, we’ll make sure the right top-quality treatment is available as swiftly as possible. If your pet is taken ill out-of-hours and you can’t physically bring it to us we’ll even come out to you. Just phone us and we’ll be available, 24 hours a day.

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