Taking time to get to know your pet, every time you visit

When you bring your pet to Eden Vets you get the time and attention you and your pet deserve. Every consultation lasts a minimum of 15 minutes, ensuring there’s time to talk through all aspects of your pet’s lifestyle and habits as well as thoroughly investigating any health problems.

The key to a successful consultation is a relaxed atmosphere so we don’t rush your pet out of their basket and onto the table.  Once we’re all in the room we’ll talk through their medical history with you, ask some basic questions if it’s your first visit, and let your pet acclimatise to the change of scene.

With the help of some reassuring pet treats it’s then time to do a thorough nose to tail examination to investigate symptoms you may have noticed, or to pick-up on ailments which are not yet causing any obvious problems. Our priority is to keep your pet fit, healthy and happy so we’ll be on the look-out for any help we can offer to keep your pet in peak condition.

We encourage you to tell us as much as possible about your pet’s daily routine and habits since any little thing could be a clue to a health issue which we can then address before it’s even taken hold. Our nurses offer free weight clinics, nutritional advice and dental check-ups which all help keep more serious health problems at bay.

If something of concern comes up the last thing you want is an anxious wait for test results. You want to get clear information so a course of treatment can be started as soon as possible and that’s our priority too. Our unrivalled lab facilities mean we can process blood and urine samples in just 15 minutes while you wait with a cup of tea or coffee and then we can resume our appointment with all the information we need.

By the end of a consultation at Eden Vets you’ll have a plan for the year ahead, including medication if it’s needed and helpful reminders of any vaccinations or worming treatments your pet may need.

health-chekcsWe recommend you bring your pets for a health check every 6 months; it’s the best way of spotting problems early so we can solve them straight away and save you the distress and expense of your pet becoming seriously ill.

One of our passions is supporting older animals. Sadly too many long-lived family pets who have been healthy for years miss out on important treatment towards the end of their lives; they hide the signs they’re unwell until their condition is well advanced. A routine check-up will help ensure the animal members of your family are well looked after as they turn into seniors, and they will live longer and healthier lives because of it.

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