Help your problem pet with a personalised training plan

There’s more to looking after your pet than simply keeping it in physical health. At Eden Vets we have an eye on your pet’s whole quality of life, and the quality of life for owners is important too!  That’s why we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our animal behaviour advice if you’re having any issues with your pet.

The companionship of our pets should give us considerable pleasure but if something is wrong that relationship can be put under a great deal of strain. The sooner an issue is tackled, the easier it is to restore both your pet and yourself to a calm and contented frame of mind.

Animal behaviour training is most usually considered for dogs. Common issues include barking, over-excitability, pulling on the lead and recall problems off the lead. However, cats also exhibit problems which behaviour training may be able to help with, such as urine spraying, scratching and general aggression. Destructiveness, aggression and soiling inside the house are problems almost any animal can develop.

Problems such as these are usually the symptom of a deeper issue and a major part of animal behaviour training is problem solving. Once the cause of a behaviour problem has been identified you are well on the way to curing it, with commitment from the owner and the wider family a crucial part of the solution.

Our pet behaviour expert, Sarah Towler, has been a veterinary nurse for more than 25 years and has successfully helped numerous pets and their owners. After asking you to fill in a behaviour questionnaire she’ll have an initial appointment with you, typically lasting an hour, and agree with you a highly practical programme of actions you can take to try to overcome or reduce your pet’s problem. You’ll then agree future appointments between you depending on progress.

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